What is Off-Page SEO? How to do it

In the subject SEO under Digital Marketing, I told you about Onpage SEO. In the same article, we will talk about Off-Site SEO. If you have not read our previous article, then you first read it so that further information will be better understood by you.

What is Off-Page SEO

I have seen that people tell about Off-Page SEO so intricately that many people do not understand about it. Most people still confuse about it. But today we will keep very simple ways about it so that you can understand it better. Also, I will not rotate you by keeping more topics, but will tell you the same thing by which you can rank any website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

As I told that to do SEO on any website, its two Elements have to follow the first is On-Page SEO and second is Off-Page SEO. In On-Page SEO, we have to work within the coding of the website. On the contrary, in Off-Page SEO, working outside the website, rank that website.

For example, suppose you have created a website. This is similar to the way a child is born. Now who knows that child except you? To know everyone, you will tell your relatives, friends and other people about him only then he will not know about that child. Similarly, telling the website to others is also a part of Off-Page SEO.

How do Off-Page SEOs do?

If you have done on-page SEO of your website, now your website is ready for Off-Page SEO. Here I will tell you some points that you have to do with your website-

  • Webmaster

  • Link Building

  • Social media

Webmaster Tool Connectivity

After doing all the coding and Onsite SEO of the website, the first thing you do is submit your website to Google and Bing's Webmaster Tool. With the help of this tool, your website appears in the search results of Google and Bing. If you do not submit your website here then there will be no point in doing your Onsite SEO. Because in Onsite SEO, the h1 tag, meta tag, alt tag, sitemap.xml, robots.txt etc. created on the website are all created to instruct the webmaster's Crawler. If you say in common language, with such a code you request Google to list your website in search results.

Link Building

This is the most popular technique of Off-Page SEO. It is through this technology that your website comes from bottom to top on Google. Under Link Building Strategies, we link our website to other websites. The link created on another website is called Backlink. The more and the higher quality backlinks you create, the better your website will rank.

For example, suppose there is a famous dessert shop in your area. Think how it became famous? The shop sells good quality sweets for years. Due to which many people have their identity. Due to good trust, people also tell others about the sweet one. Similarly, there will be good content on the website and on many other websites, if the website is mentioned with a link, then Google will rank it at the top.

Google's Crawler scans all the websites and checks how many links have been mentioned on this page. Then he will go to that link and scan it as well, that goes on. Google's robot knows which website your website is linked to.

Google's Crawler also crawls links in two ways -

  • Dofollow Links

  • Nofollow links

Dofollow links: - In this, Google's Crawler is ordered that you can scan or crawl the links which are on our website. When creating a backlink, we have to follow this type of link more. Dofollow links are considered much better for ranking.

Nofollow links: - When a link has Nofollow tag on it, Google stops its scanner and goes back from there. Meaning Google gets an order that you do not have to follow this link.

How to make backlinks?

Why would any other person link your website to their website? This is a matter of consideration. But there are some ways by which you can put a link to your website there. Let's know about those methods

Guest Post: - Some websites offer to write a guest post i.e. article on their website for free. You can write any article there so that you will get a link to that article.

Blog Directories: - If you are a blogger then you can get backlinks by submitting your articles to the blogger community like Indiblogger, Bloggingadda etc.

Link exchange: - If you want, you can exchange links from any of your niche bloggers, which will benefit in ranking both websites.

Comment link: - All bloggers give an option to comment on their blog. You can also take a backlink by praising their article there. Most of the links of Nofollow are found here.

Forum: - A website where people share their problems or information. From there, you can create an account and take a link.

Classified: - By creating your profile on a website like JustDial, Yellowpage, you can also take Backlink from there.

Apart from this, backlinks can be obtained from many places, for that you will have to do more research. If you search on Google, these related links will get you miles.

What to keep in mind when creating backlinks

Creating a backlink for any website is not as easy as you think. It requires a lot of caution. If you make a wrong backlink, Google will exclude your website from its search, which will only harm you. Therefore, read carefully what I will tell-

  • Focus only on quality backlink. One quality backlink is equal to 50-100 other backlinks.

  • Make a backlink from the website whose DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page authority) will be more.

  • Before making a backlink, you must check the Spam Score of that website. Taking backlinks from high spam websites will be harmful.

  • Never create a lot of backlink in one day. Make a maximum of 30 links in a day.

  • Never make a backlink with only one method, its method keeps changing. Try as I said above.

  • Buying and selling should stay away from backlink.

  • Always follow the natural approach in SEO and Backlink. With this, you will not suffer much from Google's updates.

Social media marketing

You should know that Social Media Marketing is also a part of Off-Page SEO. If you keep regular updates by creating a profile or page on all social media, then it will be better for ranking your website. Nofollow backlink is available from most social media but these links also prove to be very effective.

What OG (Open Graph) tag you created while doing On-Page SEO, how will your link look on social media? It is made for

One thing always keep in mind what is the trick to rank a website on Google, no one knows it except Google. It takes experience and research to rank any website. The more you do research, the easier it will be to rank. As much as I have told, consider it as base and do more research. I have many years of experience, yet I keep doing research. This is because Google's update always changes.

Friends, it takes more time to rank it than the time it takes to do SEO, so you have to keep a pensance in it. Sometimes it happens that for several weeks, Google has not submitted your link. But once your website is ranked, a lot of traffic starts coming.

Now I hope you are like “Off Page SEO? How do you do it? " Must have understood the article very well. Then do it and get your website ranked. If there is any problem, then the following comments are open, you can discuss it and share this post with one thing.

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