If you want to blogging then copy the content of others

After reading the title of our post today, you must have understood what we are going to talk about today, if you have to do blogging in a true way, then copy the blog content of others and publish it in your blog. This will save your time too and you will soon achieve success in blogging. But what is the way to copy the blog post of others? You must know this and you will be a master at copy-paste, no one can say that you copy another's content and publish it on your blog.

If you want to blogging then copy the content of others

Maximum blogger copies another blog post, edits it and publishes it on his blog. While doing this, he makes his blog so green in a month that if written by himself, it will take 2-3 years, such work should be praised.

What will you get by writing a blog post by yourself? Why work hard in blogging when all the information is available on the internet, just to copy the same information and publish it on your blog. And when the traffic of the blog will not improve, then search on the internet about it and you will get a cool answer that "quit blogging"

Can you copy-paste your blog?

Today we are not doing the work of promoting copy-paste through this post but instead we want to tell you that if you copy-paste or copy-edit-paste then you should quit blogging because Blogging is not for you, nor are you a blogger.

The right means of blogging means that you share your knowledge with the people and not promote the knowledge of others. By doing this you will be called just a promoter. Meaning that you are a blogging member of the world who works to connect bloggers with visitors. This will not define your own identity, nor will your blog ever be a success.

If you want to blogging then copy the content of others

After reading the title of our post, you must have become confused about what the title is and what I am talking about. So friends, if you do not copy-paste on your blog and are reading this post of ours, then I can say with 100% guarantee that the thought of copy-paste must have come to your mind as well, and change this idea Today we are going to do the work through this post, so we have kept the title of this post as such. And we feel that if we work to improve someone's bad habits, then first of all appreciate their habits and then make them aware of their habits.

Many bloggers must have excited after reading this post title, but copy-paste neither suits a blogger nor does they have the right to be called blogger.

only then the quality post is created, and the result of this hard work is that the post which is of quality starts to show on the search engine very soon and also the traffic on the blog. Don't have to worry. They say that the fruit of hard work is sweet, if I have worked hard, I will also get the result. But if you copy my hard work and publish it on your blog, then what is going to benefit you, neither you have done any hard work nor do you know about my post.

Today you will get maximum blogger such people who have nothing to do with blogging, they are simply engaged in improving post count on their blog. Improving content through copy paste has become a fashion nowadays and this fashion only lasts for a few days. Friends first of all we know about some main things related to copy paste.

Ways to COPY PASTE that take us away from blogging

Copying the blog post of others and publishing it on your blog - many new bloggers do this and also quit blogging within a few days, and some people continue copy paste for many months and in the end they They leave themselves blogging tiredly.

Copying posts from another blog, editing it and paste it on your blog - Many bloggers consider themselves very smart, they are busy in modifying the blog content of others and publishing on their blog and their more time It takes time to do this. They cannot be called blogging, we will only call them a clever thief who steals but erases all the evidence.

Creating and publishing a post by copying content from many other blogs - some extra ordinary blogger brothers do the work of publishing a lot of blog content by copying it and converting it into a post. It would not be wrong to call such people also thieves, because such people steal in the installment.

Sometimes copy and publish another blog post on your blog - Many bloggers show dedication to their blog, but sometimes others do not desist from stealing the content of other blogs. When they feel that they have nothing left to write, they go on the path of copy-paste.

Publishing content on your blog by copying content from books and magazines - Many people think that by copying content from books and magazines and publishing to their blog, that post is unique attractive, but by doing so they cannot call themselves blogger . This is also a theft.

If you are all a blogger, then I will only tell you that you do not do the work of data-entry and respect the hard-words of other bloggers and do not copy their content under any circumstances. Many people will listen to this with one ear and leave it out of their other ear, but I would like to tell you one thing that copy-paste can harm you ..

Whose harm is due to copy paste

Today the existence of internet is only because of google and it cannot be denied, and you will definitely be aware of this because those who use the internet do some searching through google. But do you know that in today's time google has become so smart that it knows which post, article, content is original and which duplicate.

Google never shows duplicate content in its search result, the algorithm of google has become so smart that it can quickly detect which post or blog you have copied from and google your blog Never shows in search result.

Suppose you have published 100 posts on your blog and out of which you have copied 50 posts from another blog, then only 50 posts on your blog will be such that you have written by yourself, but what you have copied 50 posts. Because of this the google rank of your entire blog will be down.

A dirty fish makes the entire pond's water dirty, this saying fits perfectly on a blog. If there are some posts in your blog that you have copied, then the same post will down the Google ranking of your entire blog and you will know what will happen if this happens. The traffic of your blog will never increase.

Those who copy paste that blog traffic never improve and that is why people who copy-paste get rid of blogging very soon and quit saying copy-paste and also say goodbye to blogging.

Now the question is that if you are giving too much importance to copy-paste then how will your blogging future be? Those who copy paste have no future, nor do they ever know Sikh addresses to blogging. I do not want you to get frustrated because of blogging, but I want that you all become a blogger and you also do what a blogger does and this is possible only when you recognize your own talent.

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