10 Best Ways To Make High Quality Backlinks For Free

How to create high quality backlinks for free: You all want organic traffic to your blog through Google, so you have reached this post and there is absolutely no need to tell me that to make the post up in Google's search rankings backlinks play such an important role

Till some time ago you used forum submission, directory submission, blog commenting and web 2.0 to create backlink of your blog which used to work and your posts would rank on Google but Google also always used its algorithm It keeps updating them smart and when Google's spider crawls to rank the website, they found that most of the websites in Google are ranking at the top of the website. It or blogs are such whose content is not so good but they have made so many backlinks due to which they are coming on top.

Best Ways To Make High Quality Backlinks

Now Google always tries that any user who searches some queries on Google, asks any question, then the exact answer will be given to the user only then the value of Google will remain, but all these websites who have content is very good or user friendly Did not put it, but Backlink was very much made, hence ranking on top of Google.

Now, to solve this problem, Google made changes to its algorithm. They made two important updates to panda and penguin, after which now whatever website or blog got found through forum submission, directory submission or web 2.0, backlink was created first. So he will not get ranking and then he will also be given a penalty.

This means that Google has clearly given the message that if you do not have the content according to the user, then you can create any backlink in any way, you cannot be ranked at the top of google.

But this does not mean that the backlink is of no importance at all. Backlink is still an important part of SEO. Even today, if you want to rank your post on a competition keyword, then you have to make a lot of high-quality backlink only then you will be able to rank on the top position of Google. And the competition on any high-volume keyword is equally high, so you can understand how important it is to make backlink and with this, the more high-quality backlink you create on your blog, the more your domain authority. It keeps increasing and you continue to become a valuable blog or website on Google.

Now the question comes how to make high quality backlink? What are the ways in which we can make a very high quality backlink and our blog or website should not get any penalty?

So now I will tell you 10 best ways through which you will get absolutely high quality backlink for your blog and that too without any penalty.

But before telling these methods, I want to tell you a few things that you must keep in mind while making Backlink.

Keep these things in mind when creating a backlink

  • Whenever you give your Blog or Website Link or Post Link to any website that is similar to the topic of your website or blog, only then you will get a high-quality backlink. For example, if your website or blog is related to tech, then you have to try to create a backlink from the blog related to the tech topic.

  • Whenever you create a backlink from a website or blog with a high-domain authority, because Google sees this, how valuable website or blog you got from backlink.

  • When you give the link of your post to another website or blog, then you have to keep in mind that the anchor text you are getting through the link should be similar to the keyword of your post. This is also very important if you want to make a high-quality backlink.

  • Never pay attention to quantity of backlink while making backlink, instead focus on creating high -quality backlink. Meaning always focus on creating dofollow backlink.

  • Do not be hasty to create a backlink, because it is a very sensitive part of SEO that if you got a backlink from a website which is not at all according to Google's guidline, then delete your entire website from Google's list. Can be done so that your website has no value. So always take care in making backlink.

How to create High Quality Backlink? 10 best ways

# 1 Link Roundup

Link Roundup is a great way to create high-quality backlink. In this, you basically search the blog related to your topic on Google and tell them via email that you have seen this blog post of theirs and you have also written the related post from the same topic which is very high-quality content. Can give you the link

For example - You have written a depth post on this topic "What is SEO". Now on Google, what is the keyword, which is related to the seo topic itself. Searching for such posts and then any top blog on which you have written articles related to keywords, you can tell them via email that you have written a fresh and depth article related to SEO, if they link to your post in your keyword article. If you add them, their user experience will be much better.

And the backlink that you get in this way is very high-quality.

# 2 Broken Link

Broken link is an all time favored manner to create top notch inbound link. In this, you locate the link of these pages at the blog associated with your industry, on which there is no publish due to any cause, that web page is completely blank. You can search such web page with the assist of Broken hyperlink checker tool. And then with the aid of mailing them on all those blogs, you can inform them that whilst searching you found that there are no posts in this particular page, due to which your User Experience is not getting so appropriate, so can you deliver this article to my page? Can upload on This is the way to make a damaged link back link

# 3 Guest Posting

Almost all bloggers recognise approximately visitor posting that that is an evergreen way to create fantastic one-way link. In this, you have got a blog with excessive area authority related to the subject of your weblog which lets in visitor posting for them on their weblog. You write a publish and then in the center of that put up, they could give you a hyperlink. But in this, you have to remember the fact that the weblog for that you are writing the submit is related to the enterprise of your blog, the opposite Anchor text on which the hyperlink is being given matches your key-word. And always select a weblog with excessive area authority for visitor posting.

# 4 Podcast

Podcast has grow to be very famous now. In Podcast, you present your content material through audio. Whatever you write thru content material post or you create via video on youtube, inside the identical manner you could go to the podcast internet site and tell your content to humans through audio.

To podcast, you get a whole lot of web sites in which you could inform content through audio and you may additionally add a link in your put up there, which offers you a excessive fine oneway link along side traffic.

# 5 Infographic

In trendy time, when people do not have time to examine textual content content material, then you could display content material in an photograph or design in an appealing manner, it's miles known as Infographic.

You gets a whole lot of loose and paid infographic website on Google wherein you could submit your infographic in addition to add a hyperlink to your put up there so that you get a high-quality one way link.

# 6 Quora and different query forum

On Google, you get a website related to many such questions and solutions, where people ask questions, many people also answer them like Quora, Google Question Hub and so on. If you register at the internet site of this approach and live everyday lively and actually answer the questions associated with the subject associated with your weblog, you may also add a link in your publish within the center, then do no longer Not best does your relationship get better with the consumer, but you also get a loose back links.

# 7 Blog Commenting

Now you have to be thinking that at the start of this submit, I had forbidden you to create a oneway link thru blog commenting, sure of path I had forbidden you for this approach but in case you simplest attempt to make dofollow inbound link. So Google thinks that this isn't spamming, so through commenting at the top weblog posts associated with your blog, you can additionally make some no-follow one-way link so that stability may be maintained.

But remember the fact that in the remark, you should now not simply upload a link to your put up, but ask your thoughts related to that put up or a real question and then add a link on your submit.

# eight Influencer

Influencer is a exquisite way to make high pleasant one way links in addition to make the blog well-known in a completely short time, you hook up with the Top Bloggers associated with the topic of your blog and inform them about your weblog as well as tell them They have to additionally mention approximately your blog in their video or publish and if viable, give them a hyperlink. This not only gives you a top notch back link however also can get quite a few traffic.

Or you can write a put up approximately Top Bloggers related to your blog subject matter and add a link to their weblog there in order that they get a oneway link from you after which you could inform them through mailing them. Have written approximately them, can they come up with inbound link on their blog?

# 9 Quality content material

If you want to achieve blogging, then it's far very crucial to have exquisite content material and in case your content material is truly and without problems understood by using human beings in the whole intensity, then Google itself offers you the pinnacle rank due to which many Bloggers add themselves to their posts. So continually write posts for the person, not to be ranked on Google. Because Google itself tries to make the consumer's revel in higher.

# 10 Get Backlinks as a source

On Google, you have got a variety of web sites where you may write posts as a supply from wherein you may get a excessive quality one way links. Like there are many information blogs that provide permission to write posts and then they upload you via as an creator or source wherein you can provide a link to your weblog.


Finally you need to be very careful even as developing one way link. Never attempt to get oneway link from such website, which is afraid of having penalty for your website like porn web sites, spamming internet site and always keep away from making back link from low domain authority internet site.

I actually desire that through my Hindi publish, you must have known very well a way to make excessive high-quality oneway link totally free. If you have got any inspiration or query approximately this submit, then you could inform us by way of commenting.

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